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STEM Saturdays

Learning doesn’t stop on Friday when the dismissal bell rings.  Register your child for Illuminate S.T.E.M. STEM Saturday workshop. These fun and interactive morning workshops provide kids with a fresh mix of creative learning experiences different from the usual school setting.Students blend art, invention, and imagination to solve designing/building challenges in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).


BlerdOut Movement

Blerd Out is a mindset, a lifestyle. It’s where intelligence meets cool. Where you can shed boxes, throw off  whats holding you  back. Where you don’t need to dim your shine. Where your brilliance, your genius is acknowledged, nurtured, pushed to its outer limits.

You want something? Build it.

You envision something? Create it.

Blerd Out with us. 


STEM After School

Learning doesn’t stop when the dismissal bell rings on any day of the week. After school programs give your child additional practice on science, technology, engineering and mathematics fundamentals. Expand your student’s network where they are able to work on projects with students from across the city and compete with students across the country and globe.


STEM Innovation Labs

At STEM Innovation Labs, we offer a comprehensive STEM education program designed to inspire and engage young minds. Our experienced team of instructors use hands-on teaching methods to promote critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Join our program to unleash your child's potential and give them a head start in their academic career.


Light It Up Gala


Let's Talk About STEM Showcase

Are you ready to spark your curiosity about STEM? Our Let's Talk About STEM Showcase is the perfect opportunity for students who are eager to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Our educational program is designed to help students advance their knowledge through hands-on activities and interactive sessions. Join us and become inspired by our team of experienced instructors who are committed to making learning fun.

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