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Our team at Illuminate STEM is made up of a group of individuals who share a common goal - to expose the next generation to the fascinating world of science, technology, engineering and math. Meet the team behind the success of our programs by scrolling below.

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Our Founder


When I began my journey to college at Tennessee State University, I was not exactly clear on what the life of an engineer looked like or what I was chasing. However, I persevered in a well ground family like environment ... I was hired as an intern student at GM by Ray Roberts, who was the first engineer I had ever met. He took me under his wing and with his mentorship I worked hard and those efforts led to receiving several national engineering awards. I asked him then, what I could do to repay him for all the time and energy he invested in me. He simply replied... "Pass on the lessons learned to someone else who needs you." And, that is exactly what I am doing through Illuminate STEM. We intentionally serve communities with large numbers of underrepresented K-12 students to equip them with industry leading and relevant technical skills. Most importantly though, we help them create a vision to build their best lives while offering the emotional skills and support necessary to make their vision, a reality. In just one year, we have grown from serving 500 to more than a 1000 students annually. In order to maintain the highest levels of program quality, we support from our communities.

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